Dr. Matthew Stahl provides the following equine vet services to area horse owners within a 40 mile radius of the Iron Range Veterinary Clinic.

  • On farm, professional service 24 hours a day, with appointments when you are available–nights and weekends.
  • Wellness care focused on the well-being of horse and owner delivered in a stress-free environment including yearly physical exams, vaccinations, deworming and parasite checks, dentistry, and care for chronic problems such as heaves and chronic laminitis.
  • On farm emergency care, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, for all common horse emergencies including colic, injuries, lacerations, choke, and anything else a horse can do to itself after hours.
  • Digital Xray with instant on farm results, including evaluation of hoof conformation and coffin bone.
  • Digital Ultrasound featuring reproductive and tendon/lameness.
  • Ultrasound evaluation.



  • Colic
  • Eye Ulceractions
  • Lacerations
  • Choke
  • Euthanasia

Lameness evaluation

  • Digital Radiographs
  • Nerve blocks
  • Ultrasound Tendons and Ligaments

Preventative Medicine        

  • Vaccines
  • Coggins            
  • Health Papers    
  • Fecal Floatation    

Dental Floats

  • Preventative and corrective with sedation and power float
  • Wolf teeth extraction
  • Molar/Premolar/Incisor extraction (preferable done In-Clinc)

Prepurchase Exams

Reproductive Services

  • Uterine Ultrasound
  • Pregnancy Detection
  • Cyclical Staging

Chiropractic Care



We can perform all of the On Farm services here at our clinic, but are able to provide more care for the intensive care patients.

Our in-house lab allows us improved monitoring via means of:

  • Blood work
  • Anesthesia
  • IV catheter placement
  • Fluid therapy
  • Upper airway exams
  • Indwelling ophthalmic catheters and
  • Minor surgeries such as:
    • Neurectomys,
    • Throat surgery
    • Splint bone removal, and
    • Dental extractions